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Create Fanatical Fans

Learn this 5-stage strategy to capture prospects, captivate interest, and convert customers, so you grow your business. Marketing has changed because of the many different ways your customers shop to find you. When you register for this seminar, you'll learn the secrets to capture information from prospects who WANT your information, captivate their attention to nurture their desire to BUY, and convert prospects into LIFETIME clients. At the end of this seminar you will know how to use marketing mania to create fanatical fans.

09:30 am - 10:00 am

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Get Found on Google Maps and Search

In this session, learn about a free resource from Google called “Google My Business," which is a fast and easy way for businesses to manage how people see your business on Google. Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they're looking for you on Google Search or Maps. As a business owner, you can use Google My Business to manage information about products, brands, artists, and organizations with a ways to reach out to followers, fans, and customers on Google+. You will take away the skills to set up Google My Business for local businesses with a storefront or a local service area.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Put the Links in LinkedIn

Don’t Just HAVE a LinkedIn Account, USE Your LinkedIn Account to ATTRACT – ENGAGE – CONVERT! In our LinkedIn presentation we will take the mystery out of LinkedIn and show you how to cut through the clutter and generate more business. You will discover step-by-step techniques for finding and connecting with your audience so that you can begin a conversation and cultivate new leads. In this session, you will learn the steps to creating an irresistible LinkedIn Profile that will ATTRACT your ideal clients to you. You will ‘take-a-way’ a checklist to help you enhance or develop your LinkedIn Profile to set yourself up for Success.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Creative Marketing - Think outside the box

Find ideas to expand your business. Are you satisfied that you are developing your product market in the right direction? Are you relying on a single source for leads and advertising? Is your Marketing Plan nothing more than a “grocery list”? Do you want to reach more potential customers than ever before? Sales Coach, author and Business Consultant Bill Fitzpatrick will help you to explore methods to get your business message to more potential clients/customers than ever before.

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Professional Head shots for Professional Social Media

Dayna, of Madeline Garrett Photography has been capturing memories for families around Central Florida. Looking for that professional edge? Madeline Garrett Photography offers custom corporate head shots and website photography. Whether we meet you on location or bring a mobile studio to your office, Madeline Garrett Photography can give you the professional look you have been waiting for.

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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No Rules Marketing

The 1st rule of marketing is there are no rules. In this session, learn that when it comes to marketing, the rules are different for every business, every product, and every service. Bottom-line the rules are different for everyone. You need to have fun with your marketing because there is no wrong way to market, but there is a right way. Register for this session to learn the right way.

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Grow Your Business With Special Events

The web, social media, and hyper-connectivity has changed the way we do business forever because we can connect with so many people so quickly. But one thing hasn’t changed; the wonderful things that happen when you meet with others face-to-face. Sure, we can build relationships remotely with Google Hangouts, Skype and Face-time, but we can’t replace the magic that takes place when you sit down with others and build relationships in person. The fastest way to kick things up a notch is to get up from your keyboard and create a live conference, workshop, seminar, boot camp or meetup. Attend this seminar to learn there are a number of benefits that take your business to the next level.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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